Deep Space Exploration Society (DSES)

Latest meetings are available below:

Slides from DSES Science Meeting of Dec. 27 2021

Slides from DSES Science Meeting of Oct. 25 2021

Spreadsheet program (LibreOffice) to determine feed line delays.

Open House Video (copyright Myron Babcock)-Duration: 6 minutes

Colorado Springs Astronomical Society (CSAS)

Astro Videos:

This video is composed of several short videos taken at the PPCC Tessmer Observatory on 21 Dec. 2020. Bad atmospheric "seeing" is evident. The planets were setting in the west(about 15 deg. above the mountains). Cool air descending from the mountains generates turbulence along the Front Range.

RMSS - A premier Star Party

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DOWNLOAD #1 - Calculates the resulting dimensions of pictures taken with your CCD camera. You enter the characteristics of your camera (how large the pixels are; how many pixels; etc.) and the spreadsheet will tell you how large (or small) the final field of view will be. Can the object (say Jupiter) fit in the picture frame? Or will it spill over?

DOWNLOAD #2 - Did you ever wonder if that new telescope that you are thinking of buying will perform to your expectations or not? This spreadsheet will tell you how it stacks up to those expectations. With this spreadsheet you can changes settings to explore what your "ideal" telescope parameters should be! Or you can even see how the large observatory telescopes compare with each other! Lots of fun.